Miss_n00b (fizzycat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

a few new gets, offers reminder and updated sales!

Hello everyone B:

first of all, all orders from my last sales have been shipped! Be on the lookout for your packages :D

secondly, I have a few gets to show off!

I got this awesome raichu keychain from doryphish333! I had to buy a bunch of pikas to get it, but so worth it! He's so cute :D It originally didnt come with keychain and pokeball, but I managed to restore it to its former glory <3

this is another gible item that took an embarrasingly long time to get :X items with gible's pokecenter artwork are very uncommon, and this is one of them. A very cute bubble sticker! <3

speaking of pokecen artwork...CHARMS <3 So happy to have got the gible line of these :D I am also getting a spare set off of captainangel that I can use <333

and finally, the best for last...

asdfasdfasdfasdf ;A;
okay, this may well be one of the best purchases I've ever made on this comm. This clearfile is so beautiful, the colours, the art style...everything. It has SO much character. Its very rare that I frame pictures/clearfiles/posters that I buy, but this is one of the only exceptions. So I bought a frame, made a mount and it will now proudly be on display <3 I love this piece so much :) thank you SO much killmeneko!

secondly, offers for my flareon hat end in 3 hours! (midnight GMT) Its still at the starting bid of $20! Dont miss out on this very rare piece of eeveelution merchandise!

I have also added a whole ton of new TCG cards and added some non flat merchandise!

(Click the fake cut here to be transported!)

okay, thats all for today! thanks so much for reading and have a good day <3 LOVE YOU ALL AAAAAA
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