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Magnets for sale + pokedoll & kids & wants again!

I'd really like to post a collection update but i'm still waiting on various items so maybe next post. :c

Sales permission from Dakajojo quite some time ago!
I ship from the UK.
I do ship internationally! :)

I would prefer to sell in bulk but if you want separates just shoot me an offer. There's nearly 100 magnets, except the ones I've blacked out! They're in fairly good condition, the only exception as far as I can recall is armaldo's protective layer is loose at the corners. They've been placed in a metal tin in my collection since the day I bought them.
Buy them all for only $35. Or just send me an offer <3 Ya never know I may just accept.
I'm thinking 2 for $1 on non-shiny if I decide to separate and $1 for the shiny ones.

$20 OBO

Jirachi: $2 Chikorita: $3 Celebi: $2 Cyndaquil (has a slight mark on his nose, he was bought that way brand new): $3

All items above are $2 each or take them all for $7

Edit: Bed time here in the UK will get back to messages in the morning :)

Still looking for the following plush, doesn't have to have tags or anything I just really want these ^^'

Also since last time I have decided I would like a minky marill pokedoll if anyone has one spare <3

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