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Picture Story Gets

Hi everyone.
Today's post is just a regular Gets post...Or is it.

Today, Scrunch, my Flareon Bootie, will be opening the package :D

Scrunch: WHOAH!!! I'm floating!
Me: You're not floating, your on glass -_-
Scrunch: Sure were are (Sarcasm)
Me: Just open the bubble mailer!

Scrunch: Hold your Horseas!
Me: Use Crunch Scrunch- Hehe it rhymes!
Scrunch: NOM NOM NOM

Me: Whats in there Scrunch?
Scrunch: Looks like...Paper? Hes a note!

Me: Its from akeyma! Thanks :D

Scrunch: Its Christmas! :D
Me: No its not xD Now lets unwarp them.

Scrunch: Look! Its a teepee!
Me: That not nice >:I Welcome Li'l fella :D
Snorunt: H-h-hi

Scrunch: AAH! A spider, smash it!
Me: -_- Its just a Spinarak, hes friendly :)
Spinarak: Hi there :D Nice to meet you to! 

Scrunch: Woof! Hi there :D Your a fire type like me x3
Growlithe: Woof woof! Hi there fellow fire type :D
Me: Welcome!

Scrunch: A gecko :O Change colors!
Treecko: Sorry, I can't do that mate.
Me: Hes a Treecko not an animal Gecko -_-

Scrunch: ANOTHER fire type :O!?
Me: Call down Scrunch xD
Chimchar: Hi ther- WHOAH WHY ARE WE FLOATING!?!?
All the Kids: Oh my Gengar I didn't notice. Wow our new owner must be a Wizard :O Blah Blah Blah
Me: -_________-

Me: Ok everyone, group Picture
Scrunch: Gah! Spinarak don't eat me D:
Spinarak: Haha don't worry I don't eat flesh :3
Scrunch: :D
Spinarak: I EAT SOULS! >; )
Me: Haha!

Thanks for looking :D

Tags: collection, figures, plush
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