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wants, up for trades and tfg auction reminder

My wants! more little but important as always :) of course if you are participating in my auction and have one of my wants, i can gladly accept it as part of payment or trade :)

Thanks to everyone that help me reduce my first want list to almost half, by trading and selling ^__^
It's really amazing how you can be alone on ebay for months trying to find something and here in one post you find a lot!

So, from the TFG groundbreakers this are my top 2 wants: sabrina, elekid and flareon from the third wave, not top want but will be nice to have :)

Zukans: top wants, heracross, dittosaur and hitmontop with hitmonchan :)

Bulbasaur mini candy box statue: It's around 7cm in width and 7cm in height as well.
The mold are quite nice. The are release in a small candy alike box. Thanks to papaiyacoffee for the info :)

And finally! CARDS with illustrations of the great YUKA MORII : thanks to sorjei for the link to all yuka morii cards, so i could make a list:

Finally a little auction reminder for the ULTRA RARE GROUNDBREAKERS TFG's

here is the LINK: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/11740615.html

Thank you!!!
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