eledora (eledora) wrote in pkmncollectors,

US Middleman found for quick auction :)

Done! Thanks much for the help dinomuffinbot (◎´∀`◎))ノ゚・

So today I found a small thinkChip lot on eBay...which only ships to the US ;v;

Given that the auction ends within just about 12 hours from now, I think it's probably more plausible to ask for a middleman service from the US to Hong Kong >v>;
But in case if anyone here wants one of the figures here as well (I only want one of these Wartortles!), maybe we can make it a quick GA too...? Or maybe you can keep the rest of the figures as middleman fee xD
Any help will be appreciated!

To make this post less boring, have a tiny sales update =v=

Tags: delcatty, excadrill, group auction, jigglypuff, kyurem, pikachu, plush, sales, stunfisk, virizion, wanted, wartortle
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