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Tingles Your Taste Buds!

Group Buy: Pokeball Pokedolls?

UPDATE: The handling of this group buy has changed hands from myself to kaygee84. There will be no changes in prices or to whom which plush has been reserved to. A link to the new group buy post for these plushies has been posted here.

Is anyone interested in doing a group buy for these? They are pokemon plushes that can unzip and fold inside-out into Pokeballs. Togepi turns into an egg! I desperately want the Sandshrew plush from this set, but the rest are available to you! The auction is thankfully at a BIN price, so as long as I can get enough serious interest in a quick enough fashion, I'm hoping the items will be safely into our hands.

This is not a means of making profit for me; rather the amount you pay would just be enough to purchase the set and have your designated plush sent to you. Remember, first come, first served! :D

Each plush will be about $10 plus shipping.

EDIT: The original post said $8.50 for each plush, but I guess in my haste, I accidentally saw the auction price as $50 rather than the actual $59. My apologies!

Mew Plush: amirrorstwin
Togepi Plush: albiero
Pikachu Plush:
Poliwhirl Plush:
Jigglypuff Plush:

NOTE: albiero, I received your private message concerning the Togepi plush in this group buy, but I am unable to respond back as you have privatized your LJ private messages.

After I determine there's enough interest to give me the A-OK to purchase the items, I'll start gathering payments after the plushes reach my location. :3

Please note I only accept PayPal as payment and I'm only willing to ship within the United States. I apologize!
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