LaPopeArmadillo (lapopearmadillo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales Promotion Reminder and Super Cool Bootie Find!

Just as a reminder, Chaos Counter is holding a promotion this month where if you spend $10 or more (including shipping) you're entered into a raffle for a chance to win a custom made figure by me of your choice. c= So make sure to check out the link to my sales at the end of this post~!


Now for the real eye grabber, I was taking a trip to my local flea market yesterday and came across something quite interesting...


Purple Pikachuuuuuuu~~


Obviously a bootleg. xD Poor Purpachu doesn't even have a tail or anything in the back! But I've never seen a bootleg of Pikachu be such a drastically wrong color like this. Don't get me wrong though, I think it's wicked cool~ I wondered if they made any other colors but looking into it I couldn't even find any other accounts of Purpachus on the internet.


So my question to you comm is this: Have you ever encountered a strangely colored bootleg plush like this before? c= I'd love to hear your multicolored bootleg stories!



Also sales~


Tags: collection, sales
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