rock_the_lmc (rock_the_lmc) wrote in pkmncollectors,

HOLY CRAP! Look what came in the mail a day early then expected!!

So I got tired of trying to bid on a Leafeon canvas here in the community. I went on shopping mall Japan for the first time and got both of these plushies as my first purchases from them. I paid a total of $112.85 Most Leafeon canvas I saw going for $90-$100 and the Minccino plush I think I saw someone selling one for $20. So I absolutely did amazing there price wise. So happy. They both came in amazing condition with flawless tags. Even though the Leafeon was listed as "used".

But here are some close up pictures!

And as always I had to make my darling Leafeon into the princess she is~!

And to end this i'm looking to buy a few more things as well!

Looking for the Jolteon canvas plush (with tag), Clear/Shiny sky form Shaymin kids, and any and all Leafeon kids!
Please name your price I don't like offering. :D

And updated my collection site with the new plush! XD
Tags: canvas, jolteon, leafeon, minccino
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