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Mewtwo Collection update <3

It's been a while (about a few months, I think) and I just rearranged my collection, so it's time for some Mewtwo appreciation! <3

Short introduction:
For those of you who don't know, I'm a 19 year old collector who is totally obsessed with Mewtwo. :3 I began seriously collecting a little less than 8 months ago, and since then I've been both extremely lucky and extremely persistent in chasing down some super rare Mewtwo items. :D

First up are my Mewtwo plushes! :D

This side of the shelf holds some of my rarest and most prized Mewtwo possessions. From left to right: the elusive Berkshire Fashions Mewtwo Keychain (aka Nudie-two), the DX Mewtwo UFO plush (Skoodge), my (sadly nameless!) King Mewtwo the graily reversible plush, the Paki Paki Posable Mewtwo (kinda tucked in the back), the plush he's holding, the glorious holy grail Queen Mewtwo the Bath Buddy (more on her later...), a NWT Mewtwo Zipper Pull, the 1998 Banpresto Mewtwo (those eyebrows), a Play by Play Mewtwo named Violet (the one in the sunhat), Steamtwo the Hasbro Mewtwo Beanie (I made his goggles out of notebook cardboard one day in class xD), and the 10th anniversary Mewtwo Finger Puppet (such a cutie). Tucked behind Skoodge is a NIP Mewtwo finger skateboard. My brother and I loved these things as kids, I knew I absolutely had to own one of these. :3

The white derpy Mewtwo is Derp, my White-Tailed Banpresto Plush. Made back in 1997, he was the first Mewtwo Plush ever made - and mine is NWT. :D Behind him is the 1999 Banpresto Mewtwo, who looks considerably better than the '98 one. XD Below my White-Tailed Two is the Applause Plush. I call him Taser because he looks like he's paralyzed >.< Beside him is my Kawaii Nuigurumi Mewtwo (probably as close to a Pokedoll as poor Mewtwo will ever get ;_;). The piggy-looking 'Two behind him, the weird froggy-looking one in the back right corner, the Mewtwo with the sunflower and denim hat (Fiona, my first Mewtwo plush :3), and Alfred Lord Twoson the fancy Sirtwo, are all various makes of Play by Play Mewtwos.

Now, as for that Bath Buddy...have some copypasta from my collection site:

THIS...this is the stuff of collector legend. The quest for the bath buddy was what got me into Mewtwo collecting. I saw others searching for it, and said to myself "Huh, I wonder just how hard it is to find..." And thus began my prowling of the internet for Mewtwo items. Along the way I discovered Mewtwos big and small, of every color and shape, ranging from cheap bootlegs to expensive, rare plushes that seemed impossible to obtain. 
All of it fascinated me. It was at that moment that I decided to make the jump from Mewtwo lover to Mewtwo collector.

I met other collectors, including some other Mewtwo collectors. They became my comrades (and friendly competition), linking me to auctions and Ebay listings I otherwise may have missed. We traded, we bought and sold from one another, all in an attempt to find that one TRUE grail that everyone is looking for.

As for this particular bath buddy, there's a funny story as to how I acquired was sent to me by accident! I had placed an order from a collector (lunarchik13) who was selling her Mewtwo side collection to fund a wedding, and I found him buried in with the other stuff I ordered. I screamed! XD I was holding an actual Mewtwo Bath Buddy, in my own hands! And it was free

...Of course, being of good moral conscience, I contacted the seller and paid her reparations (still a LOT less than what I've seen other bath buddies go for). She was looking for a good home for it anyway, and apparently no one but me had expressed any interest in him at all! XD Sheer luck, I tell you.

My figures! Waaay too many to name here. Among the rarer and more prized figures are my Mewtwo Zukan, my J Franco and Sons Mewtwo Bath Figure from pokepalace, my Jakks Talking Mewtwo, my Guarana Antarctica Mewtwo figure (he's tucked in there somewhere XD) - a Brazillian exclusive middleman'd to me in part by blackdog333 my Hardee's Mewtwo from the wonderful ichigobekon and my Remocon Mewtwo. :D

Various flats and customs. From left to right in the bottom row: My Pokemon the First Movie Promo Button, my MIP Mewtwo 151 Pin (:D), my 2011 Mewtwo Charm MIP, a Mewtwo Coin, two custom Mewtwo buttons, a little rubber Mewtwo stamp I use for packages, my custom fancy Mewtwo marker drawing done by the talented wutastic, a Mewtwo can sculpture done by Pokecans on Tumblr, a Mewtwo sticker,
a rubber Mewtwo keychain, an assembled Mewtwo mini-puzzle,
a Mewtwo Pan Sticker and, above it, my pair of beautiful metal Mewtwo coasters! :3

Above them, L to R: my Mewtwo Pre-Release Deckbox from Next Destinies,
the 2008 Holiday Mewtwo Tin with two of my absolute favorite 'Two figures hanging out in front of it,
a MIP Mewtwo chip clip (too bad I can't eat chips XD), the US-release Mewtwo Bank (that I actually prefer to the Japanese version),
2 big sparkly bootleg Mewtwo stickers XD,
my Burger King Mewtwo in a green tank figure and, hanging from it, my aluminum foil Mewtwo charm made by 
hebilea :3

Close-up of my two favorite Mewtwo keychains, the 151 Pin and my Pokemon Center charm. :3

The upper half, where you can see stuff like my Mewtwo lunchbox tin (it's sideways because that's the only way it'll fit xD),
my MIP Mewtwo Collection Box (did you really think I wouldn't buy multiples? :P),
and in the far right corner my Japanese 'This is Animation' First Movie artbook. :)

My Jumbo Mewtwo EX, a Kellog's promo lenticular Mewtwo card from seyera,
a mini-clearfile from the Battle Carnival Promo (love the fact that Mewtwo is about to Shadow Ball Pikachu, that overrated little...) XD

Top shelf - mainly my Abra line collection, but also has a hefty amount of 'Two. :3 Here I have 3 booster boxes full of First Movie Topps cards, and, to the far left, a MIB Mewtwo Remocon. On top of the middle booster is a MIP Hardee's Mewtwo figure, from their Pokemon promotion in the early 2000s. The package looks like someone threw up on it, so I tossed it up here. xD Also, the Pokeball cup thing is from the Guarana Antarctica figure.

My Mewtwo EX Promotional Pokemon Center Shopper. Such beautiful art, and it captures the excitement I felt when I first learned about the new Mewtwo EX cards. To the left of it is a Mewtwo lanyard, and above it, my stack of Mewtwo-related VHS and DVDs. Also a note from rainbowgemini when she traded me Mewtwo EX. :3 

My completed Topps Mewtwo puzzle. And an Audino charm. x3

Now it would take me a while to showcase all my Mewtwo cards, so I'm just gonna show off my favorites:

Rocket's Mewtwo EX

My Funskool Base Set Mewtwo (India exclusive)

Spew-Two, my "Pukeymon" Mewtwo parody card XD This was when people thought that Pokemon was just a fad that was going to die out, and it became 'cool' to make fun of it.

Finally, my Mewtwo EX! Such a beauty. :3 I'm of course still looking for the Full-Art version, but I'll likely wait until it gets cheaper to pick it up.

Various items that are located throughout my room. Kronos, my 2 foot Play by Play Mewtwo plush (and his swanky vest), The Purple Baron (aka my Mewtwo backpack plush who lives on my bed) my custom Mewtwo jacket, my Mewtwo ball cap, and my custom Mewtwo hat made by a high school friend (displayed with my Witch of the Black Forest wig on a Medusa bust XD).

Some of my favorite Mewtwo shirts! One of my eventual goals is to own enough Mewtwo shirts so that I can wear a clean one every day of the week. And eventually, I want to able to dress in full Mewtwo getup every day. >:D

That's all for now. :3 Stay tuned for another collection update from me, a spotlight on my (many) side collections, coming sometime in the next few weeks. Be sure to check out my collection website here for detailed information on each and every item in my collections. B-) Until next time, my loves<3

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