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recents gets and such!

Got all of these in the mail today:

Got a Pikadoll from a good friend of mine in a sorta trade. She said she would just send it to me anyway but I send her some pika stuff in return, It's soft and fat <3

Got some stuff from pokevault/hardrockpokemon too. Bidoof/Bibarel charms, a couple of psycho drive boosters and the Stunfisk canvas. I was gonna get the Stunfisk socks too but I was too slow with my order and they sold out :'( boohoo. If you have any Stunfisk socks for sale let me know <3

Then I got the mystery American-Release Minky Squirtle Pokedoll. I'll get into that in a bit.

These were the cards I got on the boosters. Nothing great but at least I got a holo! It's been like, 10 years since I've gotten any Japanese booster packs, so why not <3

Some other stuff I got:

Gold Audino Metal Figure (which I thought was gonna be silver!), Audino/Sewaddle bento eraser, audino stickers, and a great ball projector!

The projector is so cool!

It works really well and the picture is very clear <3 Of course I bought it for the audino image haha. I'm only slightly audino obsessed, really.

And here is for those curious about the Squirtle Pokedoll:

These popped up once and a while on ebay, along with an American Minky Charmander, Glaceon and Leafeon. Was there a bulbasaur? I don't recall. Either way, people were really confused about the whole thing because none of these plushes were ever actually released in american pokemon-center stores. They were dimissed as booties or rejects or factory samples.

Side by side with my 2004 velboa squirtle. Minky squirtle is a little fatter but theres no real pattern differences.
The tushtags are in slightly different places. Velboa squirtle's is right in the middle of his crotch while minky squirtle's is towards his left.
Only other difference I can really tell is that velboa squirtle's eyes are completely embroidered, while minky squirtle's only has outer-eye and white embroidery, and the rest is made of cloth. Does anyone know if the eyes are this way on the anniversary squirtle pokedoll?

Their backs.

Hangtag comparison with the pikadoll I just got. Both of the tags feel like they are the same type of material and both are of the same quality of printing, material thickness, etc. The images on the tag are of good quality too.

Tushtag comparison with my 2010 giratina pokedoll. The photos make it looks like there are dirty spots on squirtle's tag but there isn't any. Again, tushtags are same quality and material.

In general, the minky squirtle is extremely well made. The embrodiery is great and the stitching seems spot on. His material is high quality as well and is very soft.

My verdict is that it is these plushes are legitimate/official, but are either a factory sample or factory reject. I think that they were gonna release the kanto starters, leafeon and glaceon to american pokemon-centers retailers, made a few samples, and decided to go with another set of pokemon instead. The samples ended up in the hands of some of the factory workers and they resold them.

The person on ebay I got this from sells a lot of pokemon plush factory rejects that look like they are half finished or completely finished with some random flaw that made them rejected. The guy doesn't really sell any pokemon plush bootlegs from what I've seen, but I didn't look at every single one of their listings.

This plush just does not seem like a bootleg to me. It is just waaaaay too well made. I have a few well made booties that have great patterning and all but they're still not of great quality material wise and other things. IF these plushes are bootlegs, then someone put a ton of effort to make these.

Phew, what a wall of text. Sorry!

Now its time for the usual wants list! I am looking for:

Stunfisk Socks. Any size is fine, I do not plan on wearing them, and my feet are probably too big for the largest size </3
Silver Audino Metal Figure. This is the last audino metal figure I need to get <3 pleeeease let me know if you have one
TCG Dragon Blast Audino Card
ANYTHING that has Audino on it. I have a lot, but feel free to show me what you have.
Mantyke Retsuden Stamp
Mantyke Pokedoll Gacha Charm
ANYTHING that has Mantyke on it. I have a lot, but feel free to show me what you have.
Anything involving Nurse Chansey! (not really into flats, looking more for figures and plush etc.)

And then the general sales plug. Regular Sales and Card Sales. I added a jakks electronic snorlax toy to regular sales. I don't think I added anything to card sales, though if you want any of the japanese cards I got in this post, feel free to throw me an offer.
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