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Selling PokePlush + Others Lot!

Hi community,

I haven't done an update since my poke-childhood-items-introduction almost a year ago. My collection has since grown & expanded thanks to this community! Unfortunately, I am graduating soon and am trying to figure out which city to live in. This means, it's time to cut down my collection! I've decided to focus only on Espeon / Snorlax plushies from now on (update soon) and a few random ones here and there. I'm selling my meager Pachirisu + Pikachu plush collection plus a bunch of doubles, odds & ends from yahoo jp purchases. Hopefully these can all go to good homes :'(

I was granted sales permission on 8/4/11 by denkimouse. Feedback here.
PayPal Accepted only
No Trades
International Shipping will cost more than the below listed price.
Ask for a quote if you are a non-U.S. buyer and looking to buy the lot.

Click the photo to be transported! and closeups! and price!

Sold! Thank you meijiatron!

Also, as a sidenote, I'm dying to know: what is that Jiracha head thing? (click through for closeup) I got it with another yahoo jp auction. My guess was that it was a hair clip of some sort, but it doesn't look like it previously attached to anything. @_@ :confused:
Tags: banpresto, figures, kids, plush, sales, tomy, zukan
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