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Collection Update! I'm not dead. xD;

I'm pretty quiet on here since I just browse daily X'D Raichu plushes are my most prized possessions and I adore them and hope to have them throughout my life. I also go to NYC now and then and while I'm there I grab some of the latest pokedolls! Anyway I hope you enjoy! ^^

Ah my rai rais!

My 3 canvas raichus! It's a funny story actually as to why I have 3. An online friend had shipped me one as a gift when it first came out. Then this year for Xmas my boyfriend bought me one, but two were shipped accidentally! Best mistake ever. The store even said it was okay and Merry Xmas XD

The hasBROS! the one on top I've had since I was 3 years old and I brought him everywhere! His tail fell off oneday. xD; One is in OK condition. And one is near mint (with the tag)

Here is my backpack raichu! I think I'll call him Snap because I take him with me on photography adventures and he holds my camera. He's adorable. I love his big feel! I wish more raichus were made with these big ol' kangaroo hoppers.

My official fuzzy DX raichu and my refurbished factory reject shiny DX raichu.

Whoever refurbished this bad boy did an amazing job. Absolutely beautiful! They even spiraled the tail and put all the stitches in the right spot. Very neat and clean. What I love is that they left his arms out to hug me! hehe.

My awesome pikas. Love the big fat mysterious singing one that cheeks light up. It records your voice and plays in back in a child's nursery rhyme. Odd Pikachu and I'm glad I have him. I don't know if anyone else has him!

My other xmas gift from Dalton. Very cute canvas Charmander that I had wished for.

Dalton found these in his room the other day and surprised me with them. Aren't they sweet? X3

Thanks for checking my collection out!!! :D
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