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Noob Lieks Mudkips

Hello, everyone. I happened upon this community on the homepage a while ago, and couldn't resist coming and taking a look around. I'm very excited to be here and fawn over all the plush and figures, and hope I'll be able to talk to a lot of you and meet new people.

So a little bit about me. I'm one of those people who found Pokemon in elementary school. Long story short, I was really the outcast at that point, and Pokemon was my best friend for a while, so I've been in love with it ever since. Which really surprises my dad, as he was sure I'd be over Pokemon by the time I hit twelve. He thinks it's strange for someon in their twenties to be in love with fictional... animals. He doesn't understand the appeal, I swear.

I'm a student working towards degrees in Illustration and Film, while working on writing an original script and novel. The collection of Pokemon merch I have is mostly made up of figures and a few plushies that I've had from childhood, and I'm hoping to expand that collection. As soon as I have the funds to do so...

I do love all Pokemon, but my favorite is Mudkip, and I'm trying so hard to start a collection.

No, I definitely do not have a Pikachu bias. Maybe a little, but I am not ashamed. All of these have been with me since I was about eight years old, so the paint is fading on some of the figures, and most of them have their tails missing. Don't ask... Please ignore my ugly green carpet. I'll be replacing it eventually.

This Pika is my favorite. I got him as a birthday present when I turned eight, and I've refused to let him go ever since. He's fading a bit, and his tail is actually split in two, but he has his butt-tag, also fading, and he's palm size. I might just take him to the grocery store sometime and pretend he's my baby in the cart.

This one is the largest Pika I have. I call it "Daddy Pika," because I kind of have this little family. The mentality has been around forever, so it's too late to change it, I think. Please excuse Daddy Pika for mooning you all, but that hole has been in his butt exposing his fluff for years, and I still haven't gotten around to fixing it. As for why his tail is in the butt fluff... It's so I don't loose it.

I got this one when... I turned eight. Okay, so I got all the Pika plushes for my eighth birthday. That explains so much about my face in those photographs. It was the perfect size for me to run around the house pretending I was Ash Ketchum, so I did.

This is Mr. Duckles, my Psyduck. Original, yes? A couple of my friends chiped in and bought him for me for my seventeenth birthday, and I love him. I always think that Psyduck would be my mother's favorite, since they both have headaches all the time.Heaven, I really do hate this carpet.

This looks like a fantastic community, and I look forward to chatting with as many of you as possible. Especially if I walk away with a few good new friends.
Tags: figures, introductions, pikachu, plush, psyduck
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