Tits McGee (aleyina) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tits McGee

A story so sweet you'll get diabetes

Lately, I have been getting my niece in to Pokemon. I let her watch my old VHS tapes, play pokepark, see my collection, give her my extra toys, etc. Her favorites are fire horse (ponyta) and fire dog (arcanine). She will come into my room daily to see my collection and if I have added anything. She asks all these questions and then yells at me for not having a fire horse collection...touche' kid.

My niece is 5 and in kindergarten. Her teacher let her pick a prize out of a box for being so good that day. (she totally doesn't get it from me haha) Well, she found something! My mom went to pick her up and she had a toy cupped in her hand. She said "Grandma, I got Aunty Haley something!" My mom asked what it was and she replied, "what is her favorite thing ever?" My mom replies "Pokemon!" So my niece shows her what she got me and asks if she can wrap it. I get home from work and have a spazztastic kid meeting me at the door waving a present. She yells "I got you something for your collection, open it!!!!" So I open it and it's the McDonalds Pikachu toy! I told her I loved it and would take it everywhere with me......so that is what I did.

I don't like kids but...that was too sweet <3

**Ignore all the lights on my dash. My car wasn't actually on. XD
Tags: pikachu
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