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sunyshore package and teeny tiny sales post

I got my Bell plush from Sunyshore! Machop is so tiny! And the stains aren't that bad at all.  But does anyone know anyway to work at them with damaging the plush? I tried warm water, soap and a toothbush but it didn't really make much of a difference ;;
Any tips?
Also, a tiny kid sale post (and zukan)
Comments will be answered in the morning, I have a huge ass japanese test to study for ;__;

Terms of Sale:
1. I will ship internationally.
2. Paypal only please
3. I will ship out tomorrow or Saturday
4. Shipping and paypal fees are included in the prices.
5. This is my first time selling so I don't really know what prices should go on what. Haggling allowed.
Also, can anyone give me tips on packing? Should I use bubble wrap for them? Or will kids be okay just in a envelope? Thanks for the help guys!

Now for the kiddies!

Politoed $4, Medicham and Cyndaquil $6

Clear Jirachi $10 and Sandshrew $9 (having trouble letting go of these guys)

Articuno Zukan $9 (I found the peg so I can sell him now. Out of plastic) SOLD

Attacking Meowth kid $8
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