carolina_suikun (carolina_suikun) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted: Suicune and Lopunny

I finally updated my Suicune and Lopunny wanted list. Please help me find these items!
I can pay or trade if you have something to offer from my list. My shop is full stuff what I can trade:
Hre's what Suicunes I own:

Clear Pokékids Suicune figure

Mini Keychain

Suicune Movic Ballpoint/Sharp Pen with Figure

Suicune figure
(Better picture needed)

Clear Suicune figure
Pokemon Action Figure 2 set

Suicune Pokekore Cap figure
Pokekore Cap 1 series

TOMY Clear Suicune figure

Big Suicune PVC figure

Suicune Movie 4 Deluxe Figure

Jumbo Suicune plush

Suicune Banpresto Lottery Part 9 Plush

Wanted: Lopunny

Lopunny Super Get serie figure

Lopunny TOMY figure

Lopunny plastic puzzle

Tags: lopunny, suicune, wanted
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