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huge massive-ass card sales post DDDDD:

Hopefully this'll be my last sales post in a while XD; Sorry for all the spam lately! This time around I have well over 400 cards for sale (everything's mint except for two cards, which are specified!) - basically I'm in need of money so I'm selling off almost my entire collection T_T. They can be combined with stuff from this post and this post for shipping. :)

UPDATED JUNE 2! Heaps of new stuff including Eeveelutions!

Porygon-Z Lv. X Auction: Starting price $15, BIN $25, comment here to bid! Ends June 8 11:59pm GMT+10

  • Paypal only, and I don't take credit card payments - withdraw into your account first if you fund from credit card. Edit: If you pay by credit card you can pay to my friend's account, so I can accept those now. Prices in USD. Discounts for large orders!
  • Shipping from Australia - ask for a quote, for cards only it starts at $3.50 and rises if you order a lot.
  • No holds - normally I would, but right now I need money pretty quickly ._.
  • Feel free to make offers - I might not accept, but I won't eat you.
  • I'll add random commons/uncommons with every order, unless you have specific requests.
  • I didn't list my commons/uncommons/trainers here, if you're after anything ask! Also if you're after anything pre-ex series, or possibly from Japanese sets (don't have much but I do have some).


These are almost all from Majestic Dawn except for the older ones I just found :D

Eeveelutions! Reverse holos (top 2 rows) $5 each, non-holos $3 each

Holos $3.50 each

Reverse holo rares/rare holos Bronzong, Minun and Phione $2.50 each, all others $4 each

Charizard $8, Manaphy $4

Rares $1.50 each

Playable rares $3 each

Reverse holo uncommons $1.25 each

Reverse holo commons Eevee and Drifloon $1 each, all others $0.75 each


These cards are all from Majestic Dawn, the just-released set, except for Porygon2!

Prerelease promo cards, each has a Pokéball and "PRERELEASE" stamped on it in gold (the blue is from my camera flash reflection) $5 each

Holos and rare/holo reverse holos top row $3.50 each, bottom row $4 each except Hippowdon $2.50

Rares Eeveelutions $3 each, Infernape $2, all others $1.50 each

Reverse holo uncommons $1.25 each

Reverse holo commons $0.75 each

Older stock

Reverse holo rare holos, gold text reverse holos: $4 each

Rare holos: $3.50 each

Reverse holo rares: $2.50 each

Rares: $1.50 each

Reverse holo uncommons: $1.25 each

Reverse holo commons: $0.75 each except Slugma DX which is not mint, $0.50. Both Nidorans sold.

POP7 promos: uncommons (top row) $1.50 each, commons $0.50 each

POP series promo rares: $8 each

Various promos:

1st movie stamped Dragonite, Pikachu, Electabuzz - $2 each, except non-mint Electabuzz $0.75
Gameboy promo Meowth, 1st movie video promo Mewtwo - $3
Arcanine, Pikachu, Ancient Mew (slight crease in the middle) - $1.50 each
Mew - $3
Boxtopper Charmeleon - $3
Pokeball stamped Mudkip - $8

Thanks for reading!
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