Tay (taycs) wrote in pkmncollectors,

ta-dah! and gin's package

this'll be my last post until those PEZ and/or Chou get here. really.

WAAA Buster! Buster!
He's soooo cute and HUGE; way bigger than I'd originally thought. And he smells like raspberry pie. :) Now Slushie has a Charmander friend~ yay.

also.. da-da-da-DAAA!

my very own bell plush! I was surprised when I saw that no one had claimed the Bulbasaur, so I snatched him up and here he is~ Psyduck is softer for some reason, but I love them both.
So that means, next week when I visit castform in England, I can bring Bellbasaur Bulbasaur, Psyduck, and my Shaymin to meet her Oddish. Whee! I wish I could bring all my plushies, but alas, only Pika and Slushie (who carries the bells) can come.

Thank you so much, Gin!

And one other thing... well, two. I can't keep making sales posts over and over cause my camera is broken and it costs money to take pics with my phone. So I set up a sales entry in my journal!
Go have a look! I don't know if I classify for this, but if I do, could one of the mods add my "store" to the sidebar? If not, that's okay. :)
The other part is my want list, if you want to sneak a peek at that too.

Edit Does anybody want this? I bought one at the store and then won this auction, and I don't want it to go to waste. No matter how ugly it looks, I can assure you that it's legit. The one I bought at the store was even uglier. xD
Tags: charmander, sales, wanted
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