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"Its magical and cute appeal has many admirers."

I loves me some pink blobs, and it's been a while since I updated the comm on my Cleffa, Clefairy & Clefable collection and after receiving a big parcel from Sunyshore today it's about time I did so. It's just about about doubled since my last post a few months ago, and I hope it grows even bigger over time :3 Without any further ado (and with a warning for dial-up users; this is very image heavy!):

Here's my full collection, minus the flat items. They're on the boxes for my Yotsuba and Cardbo Revoltech figures, for lack of a better home for them X3

A is apparently a bell keyring, but the Pokeball at the bottom which the bell only rattles more than it jingles :B
B is also a bell keyring, but not only is it about 10 times more adorable than the other one, the jingle it makes is really pretty. :3
C is, or rather was, a light-up keyring, but due to old age is doesn't light-up any more. I do love the paint on this though, it looks like its made of Angel Delight.

A1 & A2 are Clefable & Clefairy badges from the 101 can badge collection. The Clefairy art on A2 is so cute.
B is a Clefairy candy cap figure
C is the Clefairy Megablok
D is a Clefable Stamp

A1 & A2 are CD magnets
B1, B2 & B3 are Kid Figures
C is a tiny rubber stamp

A is a Cleffa Kid Figure
B is a Cleffa Thinkchip Figure
C is a sponge Cleffa
D is a Clefairy bound ball (I want the Cleffa ;___;)
E is an adorable Swing Keychain (they're dancing~~~)

This is Britney the huge Clefairy plush, made in 1997 by Banpresto. If you care to look at the crotch area, you'll understand why she was named Britney.

A is R2D2 (the emotionless face of robot) the Cleffa Pokedoll (2007)
B is Bubba the fat and SO SQUISHY 2000 Banpresto plushie.
C & E are Bubble & Squeak, and are Friends plushies. The Clefairy is dated 1997, but the Cleffa has no butt tag so I'm not sure about that 'un
D is Prolapse the Change-to-Pokeball Mascot (if you've ever owned a Change-to-Pokeball mascot, you'll understand the name), year unknown.

Possibly my favourite items at the moment, for their twin happiness.
A is what I think was once a talking keyring, but like it's Light-up cousin it's now mute, but just looks so dumb and cute. :B
B is a tiny piggy bank. LOOK AT ITS FACE. :3 :3 :3

And finally (for the 3D items, anyway)

A is a rolllllllly figure
B and C are Tomy figures
D is a stamp

And here come the flat items! I'm too lazy to add commentary for most of these orz

A1 & A2 are random stickers & B is a tattoo
C is a holo Stak magnet thingy
D is a die-cut embossed Topps card
E is a card of unknown origins
F is a Vs Battle card

Random Clefairy & Clefable things I'm too lazy to label, ask if you want to know |D

And of course, there are the things I forgot to photograph until the last minute ^^;

There's also a pop-up 3D type card thing on my shelf which I forgot to photograph too, but again, I'm super lazy! |3

And finally I, like so many of you, save all the pretty pictures that are included in packages from the sellers here! Thank you so much you guys, they're all adorable ♥

And I know we're not supposed to have favourites (why am I speaking like a primary school teacher?) but...


That's it for now.. I think.. I honestly can't remember if I have things on the way or not 8U But yes, Of course... I'm still on the lookout for more pink crap to buy X3 So if you have any TCG cards that I don't have (I'm looking for the holo, non-holo, English & Japanese counterparts of all of the cards, if I can), figures (i'm still missing a few Kids), keyrings, stickers (some Pan sticker would be especially wicked), or whatever (I especially welcome our flat-item overlords) just let me know! ♥
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