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Leaving for Japan Auctions and Sales

So I'm leaving for Japan again next week but before I do I need to get some things out of my house including some of the oldest pieces in my collection (and by old I mean 90's old) ^^ Click below the pic for auctions and sales:

All community rules apply for auctions.
Please feel free to ask questions or for more pictures if you would like them before bidding.
Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 7/20/11 (under my Facebook account as Stacey LaValle)
Do not delete your bids or back out! You WILL be given negative feedback and banned from my future auctions and sales!
All auctions will end Monday April 2nd at Noon Eastern time. Countdown clock can be found here:

Auctions Are OVER!

Large '90s Charizard Cuddle Pillow (Brand new. Unopened except for a small tear in the plastic from transport. Plush has no marks, wear, piling, etc. Tush tag and hang tag.)
Starts at $20
(Will need to be shipped in a box. Shipping will be around $10 within the US through USPS (cheaper) or $15 through UPS (faster). International users should ask for a shipping quote before bidding as shipping overseas will be rather expensive.)

Cyndaquil Pokedoll (2010 American velboa. Brand new condition, no marks, piling, or wear. Tush tag, no hang tag)
Starts at $12

Palkia Pokedoll (American minky. Some shelf wear but no marks or piling. No tush or hang tag.)
Starts at $8

'90s Pikachu Diamond Kite. The oldest piece in my Pokemon collection and one of the first kites in my kite collection. As much as it pains me to sell it it doesn't see the skies like it used to and would be better in the hands of someone who could appreciate it as much as I did as a child.
No wear or tears, streamer is still attached and in perfect condition. Comes with original packaging. Missing the spool but can be replaced with a new (better) one for a small fee.
Starts at $12
(Will be shipped in a large poster tube to prevent it from breaking)

Straight Sales:

Christmas Ornaments $1 each. SOLD: Scraggy, Ducklett/Swanna
Shiny Entei 3D puzzle $6
Shiny Raikou Zukan $7
Volcarona, Kyrurem, Oshawott promo Battrio $1 each
Clear Reshiram Charm $4
Pan Stickers $1 each. SOLD: Tepig, Pignite, Tornadus

Pokemon Center Bags
Light Gray/Blue (Reshiram Zekrom/Starters)(x6) - $0.50 (.25 cents for 5 or more)
Yellow/Green (Audino Pikachu/Starters)(x19) - $0.50 (.25 cents for 5 or more)
Blue (Yamask/Cofagrigus)(x1) - $3
Black (Zekrom/Reshiram)(x2) - $2

Also if anyone is interested in a group buy I recently found several other brand new '90s Pokemon Cuddle Pillows including Meowth, Jigglypuff, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Gengar.

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