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a package has appeared!

I knew this was going to happen xD I knew that if I posted yesterday I would get one of my packages today. The one I got today was from my dear ol' gamecubegirl

....So...While taking a break from reading Waiting for the Barbarians for my summer semester class...I took some pictures ^_^

Though...once I get my *amazingomgicantwait* package from Sunyshore...I will have a full out collection post with 6843413939631 pictures, because I am crazy like that =P

But for now...I have

First off...a couple of things from Sunyshore that gamecubegirl (aka Donna) helped me to get when she ordered some things ^_^

A Battrio Gallade Coin =D and a small Hypno cap charm <3 (I actually have two of these ;>>, both from the amazing Gin, I decided to get the other so that I could hang it from my DS at some point =D)

Next up are just two random cards Donna sent me ^_^ *love*

These next couple of pictures are of Jumbos I have been wanting for a very, very long time. Two of them may look familiar to you all...they are the Bandai Jumbos =D The others are an Entei and Celebi jumbos! (sadly, the Celebi got a slight crease during shipping =\...but either way I LOVE them and I am thankful to have such a great friend helping me get stuff from ebay <3) [don't mind my dirty desk...;>>

Next are some random Zukans I got from her xD (Palkia and Mr. Mime...YAY Psychic!) I think I am starting to like Palkia a little...his Zukan is quite cool...though, like prguitarman said...he was a lot of pieces...and his body was kind of had to assemble xD


Putting the Space Penis together ^_^

Palkia vs Mime Jr. Comparison...(Palkia says it's 1/50 and the Mr/Jr Mime says 1/40) slightly bent to his left....

MR.MIME HAS SPIRIT FINGERSSSSSS!! xD (btw, his arms were hard to get in o_O;

I also still have two phone charms for sale ^_^...they are *$2.00* each...and shipping will depend on your location =D

Turtwig and Chimchar are still available

Ok...Back to reading I go....(maybe xD)
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