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Flying mantas are win!

Though it may have been observed by many that my primary Pokémon-collecting target is Jigglypuff, my secondary collection is in a more stable state. Thus, that is the one I chose to photograph for your and my amusement. And that small, but growing, collection features...

First, we have some plush:

Going clockwise from the big one, we have:
1. A large, squishy plush from the Tokyo Pokémon Center (I studied abroad in Tokyo for a year, and the 9th, water-themed movie came out a few weeks before I left...)
2. A Pokédoll, also from the Pokémon Center.
3. A round shiny plush, from the Sunyshore Pokémart!
4. A Jakks bean plush.
Yeah, I have cloud wallpaper. It fits these flying rays, though.

Second, a few Jakks figures that I haven't had the heart to extract from their packages:

Third, assorted, badly photographed 3D 'Mantas:

Going clockwise from the tinest one on the left (arbitrarily chosen):
1. Tiny Tamanta is tiny (and unfortunately, detached from his base. Blast you, USPS!).
2. A pin from the Pokémon Center.
3. A phone charm.
4. The Manta zukan.
5. A Chou.

Now I need to obtain teh standard flat items; odd that I haven't yet, as the TCG is what got me into Pokémon in the first place (converted from M:tG back in '99).

And yes, I happen to think that Tamanta sounds cuter than Mantyke, if anyone was wondering.
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