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Hi all! I bring you more auctions featuring items from my personal collection, including rare birdies, Pokemon Emerald for GBA, and lots and lots of flats that I'm unsure how to price so I figured I'd let the community decide. :D

Pokemon Emerald
This is a spare copy of mine that I decided I don't really need, so I want it to go to a better home! It includes most, if not all of the inserts (instruction manual, poster, etc) and the clear plastic around the cartridge has a Gyarados sticker I used to tell it apart from my other game.
Starts @ $15

Shipping will be $3.00 to the USA, $4.00 to Canada, and $7.00 everywhere else.

Lugia Movie Decochara Seal Holder
A pan sticker holder dating back to the Lugia movie! All spaces are occupied by oldschool pan stickers stuck to the inside pockets, but it's incredibly cute regardless!
Starts @ $15

Shipping will be $3.00 to the USA, $4.50 to Canada and $8.00 everywhere else

Mint in Package Beedrill 151 Badge - starts @ $3
Metal Murkrow - starts @ $10
Pidgey Keshimon - starts @ $10
Pidgeotto Keshimon - starts @ $10

Shipping for the above items will be $2.50 to the USA and $3.50 everywhere else.

Flygon EX - starts @ $4.00
Shiftry EX - starts @ $2.00
All pan stickers start @ $3.00 each

Shipping for flats is $1.00 to the USA and $1.50 everywhere else.


✖ Auctions end on Wednesday, April 04 at 6:00 PM CST (refer to this site if you need help with time conversion). A ten minute extension will be given if any bids are placed on a given thread within ten minutes of the auction's end to prevent sniping, and extensions will continue until bidding has ceased entirely.
✖ Please be prepared to pay within 24 hours of receiving a total! I won't be angry if you don't pay within exactly 24 hours but making me wait too long for a payment without ample communication makes me anxious and unhappy. :(
✖ I ship from the US, therefore all prices are in USD.
✖ Paypal only! Shipping prices are detailed in the item descriptions, and an additional handling fee will be incurred depending on the total price.
✖ I pack items as carefully as possible, but as soon as the package is dropped off at the post office, I can't be responsible for how the post treats it and can not refund a lost item. If an item is lost or you receive a damaged item, please contact me and I will be willing to work something out. US buyers have the option for buying insurance for $2.00 and Registered Mail for destinations outside of the US is $12.
✖ I live in a smoke-free, pet-friendly home. I gently use a lint roller to ensure that too much hair isn't present on the plush when I pack it, but traces the roller didn't pick up may still be present.
✖ I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have a reputation for flaking out on purchases as based on the community's negative feedback post. I will not tolerate bids withdrawn without my approval and will leave negative feedback if I catch anybody deleting their bids (without my approval) or flaking on payment!
✖ Please bid in increments of at least $1 in the specified threads.
✖ I will only trade/partial trade for the following items; please do not ask me for a trade for anything else, including custom items.
- Braviary Retsuden stamp, domino & pan sticker
- Staraptor clear kids figure & keshipoke
- Movie 10 Cresselia Lunar Wing
- Sky Plate Arceus Keshipoke

In addition to the above, I've added a massive amount of pan stickers to my sales post, most of them only $1 each! Check it out- I'll certainly combine shipping with auctions! :D

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Thanks for looking~

Please do not comment until I have posted all the bidding threads. Comment away!
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