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Collection update and mails! Yay!

So yeah, it's been time for another collection update. So here we go! yay!

First up, I has the Darkrai Premium Box! Yay! I found it today at work (yay for working
at TRU) so I snatched it up!


The box itself (after I took the plastic wrapping off of it). If you can see, it has a plastic window in that view-space for the card stuff.


What the stuff looks like out of the box, but still in the plastic holder-stuff. So far, pretty nice and snazzy.


The regular-sized Darkrai card, ontop of my keyboard. Pretty nifty little card there. *nods*


The giant card! As you can see, it's the same as the regular one, just huge. I didn't crop anything out of this picture like I have the others, so yeah.

I didn't get any cool cards out of the boosters. Sad face. I was hoping for a Tyranitar EX out of the Dragon Frontiers one.


This is the Mystery Dungeon Explorers Kit that I got. It comes with a nifty skinf or your ds, 2 screen protectors, 3 styluses (styli? stylus?), and a screen cleaner cloth. I haven't opened it yet, but that's cuz I already have the D/P skin on my DS.


Here we have the nifty stylus and wrist strap I got from the Mart of Wal. It also comes in versions for the other D/P starters, and Pikachu, though last time I went to Walmart, they were out. I have seen them at Fry's though.

Up next is pic spam of a new thing! Yay new thing!


As you can see, diffrent views of the box. And now....


Diffrent views of the car! I'm sorry that the pics of the box and the car itself are blurry. I was learning how to use my new camera. *sigh* it doesn't like really close pics when there's something else in the background it can focus on. The car is smaller than your standard HotWheels, and Pika's ears and tail are made out of rubbery stuff. He's so cute! I roll him around my desk when I'm bored.

Alright. Enough of that. Moving on.


This pic contains my first kids ever! The pikachu isn't a kid though. He's squishy, and has 4 holes in his bottom. He's still cute though. I'm wondering what kind of toy he is. The Togepi is a light up keychain. I'm so glad I got him! I have a light up jigglypuff from the same series, though she lost her key-chain part years ago. She's well loved, and evidently is hiding, cuz I can't find her. The change-to-pokeball pikachu I bought off of my friend Mel-Mel for $5. He's so cute! I love how he's giving the peace sign!

Pics of Pika out of the box. He's so adorable! If the people who run the Poke Plush Project want to use these, go ahead. I noticed that you didn't have this particular pikachu-to-pokeball plush up there. He's by Tomy, though I dont know what year he's from.


And here are my new cell phone charms! I got em out of the gacha machines at Frys. I plan on going back to get the Piplup and Manaphy from the set. So cute! I have an extra Chimchar and an extra Riolu if anyone wants em.

That's it for collection.. But wait... What's this?...


Mail from Gin! Yays! I love that Raichu doodle! It's so cute!

And, what praytell is inside this mail?...


Why, it's Azelf! Yay! He's so cute! His head is so big! It took me forever for him to stand up for his picture! Now I need a name for him. *dances*

Well, that's it everyone! Thank you for looking! I'll talk to you guys later!
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