Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,


"Why Model Train collectors???

Because: the model train hobby is one of the most popular, most accepted, most common toy collecting hobbies in the entire world.

Model train enthusiasts are welcomed by everyone for their originally children's toy-based hobby. There are entire museums and entire stores in regular malls dedicated just to model trains! The biggest model train display in the entire world, Miniatur Wunderland, takes up an entire building, miles of track and was originally started by a pair of twins just enjoying their hobby.

Aside from maybe some snarky kids, nobody raises an eyebrow and snorts laughter if someone says "I collect model trains". It's so legitimately recognized it's not even thought of as a nerdy, loser hobby, as perhaps another widely recognized toy collecting niche, Star Wars, may be thought of. And Star Wars toy collectors will spend 10,000$ on a single figure without blinking an eye -- that's what happens when your hobby's toys came out in the 70's and many collectors are now in their fifties :)

I'm not just rambling about other toy collectors besides ourselves. There is a point! Which is:


Never allow anyone, especially yourself, to make you feel bad about what you love to do here on PKMNcollectors. Whether you collect lightly, or with extreme fervor, as long as you are enjoying yourself, love to admire your collection, and perhaps most importantly, have made friends you enjoy talking to about your hobby, remember what you do is part of a legitimate, recognized hobby - that of toy collecting!

If parents or friends or whoever try to make you feel bad, or ashamed, because you collect toys, just ask them if they'd prefer you switch to model trains -- a toy hobby which costs ten times more than Pokemon toys do, and takes up entire rooms which become hard to walk through, as you can't stack model trains in a hammock or on a shelf like you can with Pokemon!

Spend your money wisely -- or learn to do so here with us -- and manage your space well (a collector is not a hoarder - we know when it's time to let some things go!), and have pride in your hobby. Don't EVER feel bad about it because it's not recognized as widely as some other toy collections may be. And if you think you might be getting too old for silly things like toys? Go check out the average age of those train and Star Wars collectors I mentioned :)

"Gin, you take this way too seriously."

DUH!!! Of course I do -- because too many of our members, our FRIENDS, are bullied, because of their hobby which makes them happy and entertained. This post is a response to all the stories I have read from YOU GUYS about how ashamed you are made to feel. There is absolutely NO REASON to make you feel that way.


And remember -- April Fool's jokes are only okay here as long as they 1) still follow the rules 2) including the one about not being rude to other members.

Have a good day, comrades!
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