Pannsie (pannsie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

So it's almost been 3 months since my last collection update.

Sorry. I was busy expanding my mind.


Firstly THIS THAT I GOT, LIKE, 4 MONTHS AGO. OH MY GOD I KEEP FORGETTING. beavisfreak was a massive babe of a human being and linked me to one of my wants on eBay. It as a little pricey for what it was, buuut I had a little money lying around, and I was all WHY NOT. It arrived with the clamp that attached the flower-tree to the body broken, which was a bit disappointing. :c But it wasn't the sellers fault.. I think. WHATEV. HE'S CUTE. c:
Btw Sam, he's on a DX Venu Kid. If you wanted a size ref. \o/

SLEEPY DARUPLUSH OH MY GOD IT IS TRUE. I always hoped deep down in my heart that Darumaka would get a sleepy form plush. And Pokemon Center, the dream makers they are, MADE IT SO. In general I'm trying to cut down on my Darumaka purchases, and stick more to Darmanitan. As he is the one I collect. But this. I could just NOT say no to this little cutey. <333

Oh yeah and I don't know if you guys heard of this line, its release was a bit downplayed. It's these Pokemon Center charms? They made, like, every Pokemon ever? Idk I haven't seen too many of these around. :U BUT HERE'S MINE.




These are the ones I actually bought the charms for. :u My beautiful unloved babies getting some well deserved merch. <3 JUST. WARMS MY HEART.

But wait.. where's that other thing I collect? Something about.. flowers? I'm imagining blue? YEAH THAT GUY. Well, shiningmew bought a Bulba-line for herself, BUT THE VENUSAUR NEEDED A HOME. This is where I come in, being the life-saving tight ass I am, happily took him off her hands. ;u;

AND BADABOOM. There he is, is all his glory, with his '09 sister. The '09 one is actually also a recent purchace. I wanted an extra to put on my shit. :D

AND OTHER VENUSAUR THINGS I HAVE RECENTLY or not so recently ACQUIRED. Obviously there's the Venusaur charm. There's an amazingly adorable sticker I want to make into an icon from emurii, WHO JUST. SENT ME THE THING. ;A; What's crazy too, I just saw that artwork for the first time about a month before, and was all "HO DAMN I WANT ME SOMMADAT". And then poof! It was so! ;u; It's from the Pokemon Center; I'm curious what line it's from. BUT YES I LOVE IT.
And then there's the deck case (that's what they're called.. right?) and a beautiful Venusaur marble from my life love fizzycat It was supposed to be a birthday present.. for last year. Buuut she kept forgetting I MEAN I DIDN'T MIND. She finally managed to send it over for Christmas, then I forgot to put it in my last update like a jerk. ;n; BUT HERE THEY ARE NOW. I was having a bit of a down day when I got this package, and it's safe to say it really cheered me up. ;u; ILU BB. <33333333

Floss: .. Yo Pannsie, some stupid fire-type arrived in The Room. Please take care of it before he burns my petals.
Heatmor: *COWERS*
Me: C'mon love, come in this direction so I can take the pictures of you.

HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL. At first I was somewhat regretting buying him because DO I COLLECT HEATMOR IDK. But I instantly let that thought melt away when he arrived at my house from Gin. Just. Just. PERFECT. HE IS SO SMALL. AND DETAILED. LOOK AT THOSE DETAILS. AND. HE IS JUST THE PERFECT GRUMPY ANTEATER.
If fact, I was a little sad when Heatmor was announced, since I really love anteaters, and even though he is very much an anteater, he did not have the poofy tail and little ears of my irl loves. But after while.. I got used to it. I love him now. ;u;

THEM FLAILY MOLE ARMS. I am very partial to anything that has flaily mole arms. This is why the Zoroark Pokedoll is one of my favourite plush, even though he is not one of my favourite Pokemon.

MORE FIRE-TYPE MPCS. It's interesting that the only 3 MPC I own are all fire-types. SO ODD.
ANYWAY! I'm so excited to finally get this guy! mamath was doing some Aussie GB's (because shipping guys) for MPCs, and this is the guy I had my eye on. c: I thought December was so far away when I claimed him.. oh how time flies! But now I have him! And he is gorgeous!
But what is that other stuff? There is other stuff what is that?

HELLO RARENESS. The Venusaur AG Retsuden stamp, and golden Keshimon. WOW. Either I even expected to get, like. Ever. I'd never even seen a picture of either! Then within the same month, I has two separate people contact me about them! Thank you so much roxiexcore and dezchu! ;u; I LOVE THEM. BOTH. SO EPIC.

The Silver Keshimon I got right when I started collecting Venusaur in 2010 finally has been reunited with his golden brother. ;u;

And finally, a recent thing! WOAH. hebilea, being an amazing human being and all, offered to send me a Venusaur Tin Foil thing she had because I am the Venusaur queen and she is amazing. I think I said that already. BUT SHE IS. She also asked if I'd like anything else included. The only thing I could think of was drawings. I adoregetting little doodles and stuff on my packages; I stick them all into a little Pokemon notebook I have. ;u; But I did not expect all of this when I opened up her letter! So many cute drawings, notes, and probably the best Venusaur drawing I've ever seen. B] As well as a Darmanitan flat, and a Blastoise tin foil thing as well. FOR TOGETHER THEY MAKE VENUSTOISE. 8'D I couldn't stop giggling.
BB THANK YOU SO MUCH. I appreciate all of it so much. So, so much. <333

My main motivation for making this post though is MEET UP. I'm finally on school holidays again, and I really would love to do another meetup of Victorian members within the next two weeks. ;u; So, anybody reading from Victoria, Australia. Want to meet up within the next two weeks? Speak up! We'll use the comments on this post to organise, since PM's got a little messy last time. :D;;
Tags: clamperl, darmanitan, dunsparce, gorebyss, heatmor, huntail, sunflora, sunkern, venusaur
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