harimaron123 (donny9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Banpresto Pickups open for April!

Hey guys, its the time of the month again and this month's banpresto pickups will be open for 2 weeks. These are the new items that will be open for pickups

Im expecting Deino to be very very popular so get yours quick. There are limited numbers!

Apart from this, there are other items that are still open for orders and this includes:

Click this link: http://donny9.livejournal.com/1520.html or any of the pictures to get to the pre-order page

Note I've also just updated my Japanese TCG Sales. You can see it here: http://donny9.livejournal.com/2023.html

Tags: cards, deerling, deino, fraxure, garbodor, mienfoo, roggenrola, sales
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