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Snivy's For Sale

Morning guys.

I've hit a bit of rough patch lately and need some money. My boyfriend was mentioning the other day about how I'll be loaded when I sell my Snivys, so I'm hoping he's at least partially right.

Closeups, prices, and other info can be found under the cut. Please read carefully.


Sales permission granted 7/11 by dakajojo.
My feedback :

I ship from the US and do ship internationally.

I expect payment within 48 hours.
Prices do not include shipping and processing unless otherwise stated.
If I give you a quote and you no longer wish to purchase, tell me. I will leave negative feedback for disappearing if you don't.


Lolololololol, as if I would get rid of any of my collections anytime soon. Especially my precious Snivys. They're my main collection right now. =p

I thought this would be a good time to share a Snivy update since I haven't gotten many Lugia or Lapras items lately. My one year post is coming up in May, so I'll share them then.

And darn it, why couldn't the April Fool's meme been planes? SNAKES SNIVYS ON A PLANE!
Anyway, here's my photos.

My general shelf. As you can see, it's gotten very crowded. I'm hoping to make a makeshift shelf within it since I have no more room to start another entire section.

Type Focus. <3
I wish the artist for this series would come out with an artbook with more photos in this style.

Charms. I was so happy to get them. I didn't make the pickup list here, so I literally stalked Hardrock until they were uploaded. I have a spare Snivy on my phone. I learned my lesson about having backups when I lost my very first Snivy strap back in November.

The itty bitty Snivy figure is the one that sit on top of the train in one of the capsule prize series. I thought it looked much cuter and blended in better without the big blue block under it. It's probably my favorite Snivy figure now.

And this is when I started running out of shelf space. I just got the small talking Tomy plush a few days ago. It's too cute. XD

Thanks for looking.

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