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i have this puff looking for a loving home, she was from my jigglypuff loving cosin and is clean and MWT
more pics and info under dat cut

Sales permission granted in 2009 by lineaabla
--all comm rules apply
-i reserve the right not to sell to you, especially if you have negative feedback
-shipping will be at least 2.50 US
-Delivery confirmation comess with shipping
-i ship from the US and will ship internationally
-if you want anything more with shipping please ask
-feedback here:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
for close up and tags

offers end when either there is no new interest or after a few days
still some things left on my sales post, like a kellogs Arbok and some old pokemon dogrags as well as a zekrom clipping figure

And i for everyone who bought from he i didn't have a ride to the post this weekend, so i will get them out soon as i can c:

Aso looking to sell a custom Cyrus full body laminate, maybe three four inches long, please post if interested in pictures or price :)

Offers end at 5PM EST on friday the sixth
Tags: jigglypuff, people
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