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april pokepin commissions and other sales!

IT'S APRIL! And all of the pin designs from March have been approved by yesterday (March 31st... YAY!)
That means it's time for another round of Poképin Commissions!
Again, I will have EIGHT available slots.

There are  slots still open.

If you are interested in getting custom pins or would like to see examples of my work, click on the banner directly below.
For all quotes, please post on the dedicated page. For other inquiries, make a comment in this post.


I added a few Pokédolls and cleaned up my sales a bit. I still have a ton of Japanese BW5 cards, including a Registeel EX, and Dragon Selection cards as well... and BW4... and BW3... and BW2... XD. Please help me get rid of them to make room for new stuff! There's also Japanese TCG accessories. I also added a lot of English RH cards and Japanese promos.

Here is a very small preview of what I have:

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