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Pokeball Pokedoll Group Buy

Hello everyone, i haven't been formally introduced, but i'm Kaygee84 , I've bought from a few of you already =)  an official intro post will be made in the future, i'm just letting you know that the group buy for the pokeball reversable pokedolls that rinkatink was holding has been transfered to me. anyone who claimed a plush will still get it, dont worry, will be the same price as he quoted. If you are not aware of the original post it is here 


Much like he was, im after the sandshrew, and the pikachu. I believe the Togepi and the Mew were also claimed, leaving only Poliwrath and Jigglypuff still up for grabs. Feel free to post here or send me a private message if you are interested. Thank you all for your time and Patience =) 


Ofcourse, needed info, kinda excited =P. The price of the plushes will be 10$ + Shipping and handling.
Current owners to be are -

Sandshrew - kaygee84
Pikachu - yaoi_queen
Mew - amirrorstwin
Togepi - albiero
Poliwrath - Unclaimed
Jigglypuff - Unclaimed
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