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Collection and Sales Updates

It's been forever since I've posted, so I thought I'd get some pictures and do a collection update today! Since there've been quite a few new members and I'm quiet anyway, I'll go ahead and re-introduce myself, too. Hello! I'm a 22-year-old Pokemon fan, and have been one since the first gen. Blaziken is my favorite Pokemon ever, and I love plushies in general! I've been a member of the comm since Aug of '10. I guess picture time now?

Blaziken is the best! I'll start with my chicken shelf. :D



Let's do some different angles. Here's some pretty cards! I love the Dark Rush one so much. Awesome art on that one!

Lower, here's some stickers and other cards. Pretty Amada stickers!

An aerial view of the figures here. The McDonald's walky toy is still one of my favorites. I love having him march across the printer! Pretty keychains here too.

Next section!

Close-up of the Kids figures, and you can see the Bottlin figure, too.

In the back. Beadsprite and papercraft!

Areial view of figures here. TOMYs, bootlegs, V-chip figure, etc.

And some round things here! I love the can badge. And that stamper. I love stamping things, so chicken stamp is best! :D

And here's another section!

Close-up of big talky Hasbro figure, with some pretty arts in the background.

In the back, here's a pretty movie keychain, an adorable and very entertaining mini Torchic gachapon machine my boyfriend gave me, a custom candle by furrettails, and a Blaziken-on-a-stick.

Pretty chicken tin!!

Here's an adorable custom PokeDoll figure by jensoxen! IT'S SO CUTE. I love it so much. Also, my awesome Brasegali gachapon figure. (He came from France!) :D

And an obligatory charms picture! They're too pretty to take out of the plastic... But I can look at them here on my shelf, so it's fine!

Now, my favorite Blaziken ever!

The Pokedoll! Wooooo~ I'd wanted one for years, and now he sits happily on my pillow. Thank you so much, blackfruitbat! ^-^

Here's Mr.Derpy Hasbro-ken, too.

Poor guy. He doesn't look too bad in this picture, though! XD With Torchic and Combusken, too. Yay, chickens!

Then I decided to go around my room and get pictures of random Pokemon sightings!

Okay, really, I was just having fun with my camera.

Top shelf! There's a Mijumaru by jensoxen, too! Cuuuuute!

Bookcase. Nothing new here.

Nothing new on the windowsill, either, I just gave the McD's figures their own space.

By the computer monitor! Here's where I moved my Lugia and Giratina pre-order figures, and Ho-oh who can't stand, so he has to perch on cups like that. Reshiram and Zekrom are protecting the monitor. :D And Raikou papercraft!

Speaking of papercrafts, here's where most of them live! Also, Dragonite on top of the TV.

And more papercrafts! On top of the shelf, cuz I'm running out of room for them.

One more papercraft! Also, tiny, super-old Pikachu earring there. Back when my sister liked Pokemon, too, she had those, but lost one in a pool. She found the remaining one recently and gave it to me.

Ooops, I lied; here's two more papercrafts. :P

Finally someone who's not paper! Here's Arceus being dramatic. Everyone needs an Arceus! XD

Okay, moving over to my bed. Almost done now! Here's my pretty Lati@s blanket first.

Plushies!! :D Let's see who's new here...
Talky Zorua! The big guy on the far right. I love him so much!! He always stays on, and sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night if I bump him. XD
Electronic Mew is new, too! I've had Pikachu and Togepi(who's kinda buried...) since they were in stores, but never found Mew. I'm glad to have them all now! His voice is so cute!
Then there's the Banpresto Buizel. I got a friend some Buizels as a gift, and realized how much I liked them, so I had to get myself one too. lol
Latias and KFC Seel and tiny Zorua on Pika are from my boyfriend. Seel is so cute, but I can't bring myself to open him!

More plushies! New here are Kibago and Scraggy. Charizard, stop licking Skymin!!

And lastly, plushies near my pillow. My favorites are around here. Talky Miju, Canvas Raichu, and of course, BlaziDoll! :D

So, I think that's about it! Thanks for reading!!

(Oh, and if anyone else Swapnotes, here's a link to the comm's Swapnotes list!)

Also, I've updated my sales and cleaned it up a bit! Click the banner to see! And feel free to haggle if you don't like the prices; I'd like to get this stuff out! :D
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