Paradoxal Reality (parareality) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Paradoxal Reality

My Teeny Tiny 'Tini Collection!

Obviously, I need a better place to display these lil' guys! I'm working on getting some new shelves to mount on the wall right now. Hopefully they'll be up soon!

Now featuring bad pictures! Yay!

Thanks so much to everyone who's been nice enough to sell to me thus far! Let's see what you've let me do! (Edit: Yes, that's a custom Victini My Little Pony in the middle, there!) XD

Fun fact: I wear that charm bracelet every day! (Sorry for the bad lighting, my house is REALLY dark on this side) The victini charm in the middle is actually off of a strap, but since it had a lobster claw clip, I thought it was too cute not to put on there.

I recently got a box from Noppin, which had even more stuff in it! There's a glass in that white box made of actual glass! I thought it was going to be a plastic cup! I'm not 100% sure what the thing with Victini and Pikachu is, maybe someone can enlighten me? It was just randomly in a lot of stuff I bought. The sunflower pin is just there because I thought it looked nice with all the yellow.

And here's my current pride and joy, a shiny plush! I was surprised that he was almost as big as my cats!

Tags: collection, victini
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