eilidhm5559 (eilidhm5559) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Ive added a few things to my wants list so feel free to take a look :
The things I am after more are in the bold.
Bigger items like the sleepy snivy I am hoping to be able to do a payment plans on, so if you can do that let me know :D

Also my question is, how long does it take to get sales permission?
I applied for it on the 7th of March and I haven't heard anything yet. Im not desperate to get it or anything im just curious as to how long it usually takes :)

I have a big collection update coming soon, probably in about 2 weeks time so keep an eye out for that!
Seriously have only been a member of the comm since the end of january and you should see how my collection has grown ... and I love it!! <3
Anyway have a lovely day/night
Tags: collection, wanted
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