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Collection Update & More~ Sales Update~!

Hey everyone!!

I know I just posted with the big box of stuff I got from midnitesilven and so in order to add more stuff to my shelf, I did an entire shelf makeover (I know it was pretty messy last time ^^;;).

First off here's an overall view:

It's definitely divided better than last time I think...Instead of a random corner of plushes, I filled it in with side collections on the right hand side. So here we go! ZOOOOM IN~!

My Chika and Bayleef/Meganium army! (I need more Bayleef stuff for sure >.>;;;)

Doesn't Meganium look so cozy among all her younger siblings?! XD (I still need to go out and buy some fabric glue >.>;;; I've put her off the shelf long enough ^^;;)

Next up is my Glaceon/Leafeon/Vaporeon collection!

Thank sooooo much to the awesome spideyroxas for the Leafeon/Glaceon Canvas! They're right at home! :D (Ignore the Walky Chika trying to steal the spotlight XD She tries to do that from time to time >.>;;;)

Lastly is my side collections section! Or just pkmn I want to collect, but don't have an army a bunch of yet xD

Blitzle/Zebstrika, Ponyta/Rapidash and Dragonair are the ones I wanna get more stuff of!! D:

I consider Mew, Spring Deerling, Reshiram and Suicune to be my side collections. I tend to like their merch that have cool poses or lotsa details X3 (Pikachu and Ampharos get special places in my heart so they're up there too XD)

Took me about a good 5 - 10 mins to fit that Movie Overdrive Reshiram Zukan/Figure in there >.> He kept on knocking everything down xD He likes to show others that he's the boss

While re-arranging all my items, I did a thorough spring cleaning and have updated my sales with Pokedolls, kids, and more~! Take a look!

^^ Thanks for looking~~!!
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