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A question about tomy figures (1999)/wants

Hello all. As I have posted before, I enjoy collecting the Pokemon tomy figures from 1999. I have quite a few in my collection, and most of them look relatively similar. However, today I recently received a package from a fellow member here containing a Tomy Vulpix MIP. I Received it in good condition and I am happy with it. After observing it more, I realized that the text on the vulpix figure seems to be a different language than all my other ones. I checked the Bulbapedia guide and Vulpix as well as one or two others seems to be the only ones that stand out in such a way. Are they in different languages? I am aware that the Japanese language has several different types of alphabet. Are they variations of that?

shameless wants list plug is in order. I added a few things.

I'm really on the hunt for anything shaymin and anything reshiram. Especially those lottery figures I posted. I saw a shaymin one on Yahoo japan, for really cheap, might put in a SMJ request. I just Hope don't I get jumped on the fees and shipping again. last time I did a special order and ended up paying $140 for a book that originally only cost $60.@_@

thanks for taking a look! I'm due for a collection update, but I'm planning something with another member here, So I'm holding off to see if that goes through or not. Have a pleasant day, collectors!
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