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End of March update <3

Unfortunately we did not win this auction,the user was blacklisted on Noppin and SMJ didn't process my deposit until about 4 hours ago.

Thankfully I am able to use Noppin on this auction :3 and we still have 1 day and 12 hours to get our bids in.

On to more happy news,March has been a fun month collecting wise for me :3.

This tin is so gorgeous <3,I wanted it for the Pikachu and the Charmander, I didn't even realize there was a sexy Charizard until I after I received it.

I overspent to get the big Pikachu and he wasn't even in the best condition ;n;,but at least there were some other things I wanted in the lot.

My favorite here is either the bouncy ball or the roller <3.

I didn't even know these existed until they popped up on ebay for 10/20 with 20/30 shipping.of course I didn't have the money so they ended and disappeared for 2 weeks,and then they popped up for 99 cents I quickly threw my money at the auction XD,I just wasn't expecting the shipping to come out to 50. of course I paid anyways and then found out why it was so much u.u;.

I couldn't resist these <3.

I saw the water squirter on YJ last year,but couldn't bid and it disappeared.So I'm glad I was able to find another without having to use a middleman <3.

It is so much cuter than what it shows on the box :D.

Here's a bad quality video of my dancing pikachu XD.

The person I bought the Pikachu lamp from gave me some freebies if anyone wants them for like a quarter or something XD.You can have the booklet with the pieces for 2.00 or you can buy the little pieces separately.

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