milomilotic11 (milomilotic11) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Anyone wanna trade?

Hi community :)
I'm looking to trade, since tomorrow i'm going to the post office.
(If these posts aren't allowed i'll delete it)

Here is what I have to trade:

Monkey Bootlegs
(Pansage is missing his tail)

Castfrom Bootleg 
Castform Sunny Bootleg
Salamance Bootleg

Zoroak Jakks
Minccino Jakks
Sandile Jakks

Mime Jr. Jakks
Porygon Jakks

Mantine Attack Kid
Blissey Kid
Phione Kid
Shellgon Kid

Mega Blocks:
Deoxys, Duskull, Surskit, Exeggutor, Slugma
(Keeping Carvanha)

What i'm looking for:
I'm looking for any Feebas/Milotic merch I don't have
Also looking for any Kids I don't have (Condition isn't a big deal with me)

Thanks c:
Tags: collection, wanted
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