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Hi everyone! 
I (finally) got Sales Permission :D

Thanks rhys107 for the awesome Sales banner :D


I only ship to the U.S. and to Canada.

I ship from Goodyear AZ in the United States.

When commenting please leave your Zip code.

I will do holds but only for 48 hours, if you need more time, please tell me.

I only accept Paypal.

All shipping starts at $2 (In the U.S.) and $3 to Canada

I am not responsible if the package gets lost in the mail

Sales Permission granted by entirelycliche on 4/2/12

Yes I can provide more pictures



Monkey Bootlegs:
Pansear and Panpour: 0.50 each
Pansage, hes missing his tail: 0.25
Get all 3 for $1

Great for Repaints :D

Castform Bootleg: 0.75
Sunny Castform Bootleg: 0.50
Or get both for $1.00
Salamance: 0.25

(They have paint rubs and Minccino has a blue mark under his chin)
Zoroak Jakks: $0.75
Minccino Jakks $1.00
Sandile Jakks: $0.75

Mime Jr. Jakks: $1.25
Porygon Jakks: $1.75

Movie Promo Kids- $8 all thogheter and will NOT split.
Box WILL be flattened for shipping.

Latios Tomy- $3
Wigglytuff and Seaking Tomys- $0.75

Blastoise and Squirtle Tomy- $1.50 each
Wartole Tomy- $0.50, tail was detached, then fixed with glue
OR Get All 3 Tomys for $3!
Registeel and Gliscor- $0.75
Tyranitar Tomy- $4

Roselia Kid- $0.75
Chimchar Figure- $1.50
Mew (Tomy?)- $1.50
Mewtwo Roller- $1.75

Bootie Jirach Plushi- $2

No Auctions At The Moment!

Thanks for looking ^_^

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