dragonitelove68 (dragonitelove68) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My collection is growing!

Today I bring to you an update on my pokemon collection. I thought I'd show it off while Im on spring break cleaning my room. haha.

 It's pretty small compared to the collections on here.
Anyways here it is!!!

As much as I love dragonite, I try to collect other pokemon as well. :) Though my "grail" would be obtaining a Dragonite pokedoll.... one day. 

Now onto my kids!!

Don't mind the gengar keychain he wanted to be part of a picture too.. He's for my boyfriend. 

More kids!! and a gastly (Jakks) and Giratina (preorder fig.)


And onto bootleg playing cards and my dragonite wind up toy that i recently just got. The pikachus on the left are what the backside looks like. Though they are bootleg that are still pretty awesome. :)

 And lastly.. my number one plush and cuddle buddy.. Walter the Snorlax. He is super soft and comfy that I sleep with him every night. lol

Thanks for looking!
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