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Eeveelutions merch question~

Hiya community..~
Pardon my newbie-ness, haha..
Anyway I was curious about Eeveelutions merchandise, specifically the Canvas Plush. I bought a Jolteon canvas plush around the time they came out (thankfully it was cheap..! o3o; ) because I had planned to get one on my SoulSilver team (coming out later that year I think) but you know.. in the end, I had Umbreon and Leafeon on my team! I'm working to collect the members of my team, but.. Eeveelutions are very popular, and sometimes pricey.. ;x;
So I was just curious..does anyone know how popular these two canvas plush are specifically?

pics yoinked off Google.
Perhaps a better question would be.. like.. is there kind of a 'hierarchy' or 'ranking' to how popular some Eeveelutions are in comparison to eachother?
I'm also searching for a kid figure of each of them.. (Leafeon and Umbreon) but I'm having no luck, they seem to be gone before I can say anything..! XD;
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