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Hey guys! I recently just got three items in the mail that I have been waiting for for about a week, and I am super excited to show them off! (; Also I'll be showing off my completed Vee Canvas and Vee Pokedoll Collection as well as all my charms! Check it out!


First off my new gets~

Shiny Rayquaza stuff! :D

THIS. Seriously SICK. GET ONE if you haven't. DEFINITELY worth it.

These are cool too! :D

The most amazing and adorable clearfile ever. I just wish they made a Shiny Rayquaza plush O___O

My LAST tagged Vee's in my set. AWESOME!!

I <3 their Pokédoll art ((:

Eeveelution Update:

Yay! I was finally able to get a way to display my eeveelutions! :D

I'm so proud of my collection, so I decided to take pictures of them individually! (: <333


Yeah...I don't like Vaporeon or anything....(;

Joltie! (:

I guess I didn't take a group shot of my Flaries ): ....but they're cute... ;D

Yay for Umbreon! (One of my personal/long-time favs)

Yay! My Espies are complete! :D

Ice puppies!

They are so freaking cute~

Group Vee' Shot:

Dawwwww (,: I'm so proud....

Thanks to everyone who helped me get to where I am now. I came to Pkmncollectors originally to complete this task of having one tagged version of every Vee, and now (in about a year) it's become a reality. You guys are so awesome (,:

Pile O' Charms (:

I honestly had NO intentions whatsoever about buying charms. Damn, I have no self-control lol
But not gonna lie, Reshi and Zekrom are my favorite charms, and I don't even care for them as Pokémon :3

Thanks so much for watching this extremely crazy epic collection update! <3 you all! :,D
Tags: canvas, charms, collection, eevee, espeon, flareon, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, pokedolls, rayquaza, umbreon, vaporeon
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