poprock_grey (poprock_grey) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small plush sales

Also, please feel free to post your want lists here. I have a HUGE like srsly HUGE box of Pokemon stuff. When I say huge, I mean I can comfortably sit in the thing.

I like making people happy, so if I have the item, I would be more then happy to sell it to you. :D 

Going to be at Anime Boston this weekend. Replies will be minimal, if at all!

Rules, please read!

-Granted sales permission on April 02 2012 by entirelycliched
- Feedback HERE <-click please
- Feedback will be left once package reaches you and you confirm its delivery! Please also leave me feedback once it arrives.
- All community rules apply
- I only accept paypal
- Holds are okay within reason
- prices do not include shipping/fees
- I am not responsible for items lost in the mail.  If you are concerned please pay for insurance/tracking.
- I have the right to refuse sale to anybody for any reason
- I will try to send items within a 2 -13 business days. That does not include weekends!
- May be willing to trade for Gengar, Ninetales, Joltik, Wailord, or 'veelution canvas plush.

:D Faced Plusle Banpresto 20$
Pokedoll Plusle (No hang tag) 25$
Minccino Banpresto (Mint with tags) 35$
Mew Banpresto (super soft! *0*) Sold
Pokedoll Lapras with old tags, mint 35$

All items can go out tomorrow if paid for today! Shipping is 3.50$ for each item in the USA, no tracking or insurance. Insurance is 1$ extra. Please inquire about international shipping!
Thank you guys! <3

Also, is there any word on an Anime Boston PkmnCollectors meet?

Bleh, forgot to add my Shiny Suicune pokedoll.

Mint tags, mint condition. I will be taking offers for it until Tuesday night 4/3/12 at 11:59pm EST

Lowest offer I will accept is 200$
Tracking will be required, and insurance is recommended.

Tags: lapras, mew, minccino, plush, plusle, sales, suicune
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