Tara (slothyshroom) wrote in pkmncollectors,

More Collection Weeding Auction+Custom Mienshao Pokedoll Auction!

I'm putting up my Custom Mienshao Pokedoll up for auction with tons of other items from my personal collection! :D 
Including Absol, Lugia, Weavile, Raichu, Shinx line and more!

I'm still weeding my collection and have put up some lots that are currently on Ebay!
Next post should be a collection update as I gotten some very rare and awesome new SlothyShroomy items recently. ;3

Emolga Lot

[Click the Image above or this text to be directed to the Auction]

Samurott/Dewott/Oshawott Lot

[Click the image above or this text to be redirected to the auction]

Huge Pokedoll and Toy Lot CLICK HERE

I will stop taking offers on Tuesday, April 10th at 6:00 PM PDT

Pikachu/Emolga/Whimisott Wash Cloth Starts @ $10

Emolga Promo Battrio Pog Starts @ $10

Raichu Mighty Bean Starts @ $10

Absol Bottle Figure Starts @ $15

Weavile Laying Plush Starts @ $25

Laying Shinx Plush Starts @ $15

Luxray Palace Figure Starts @ $10

Luxray Chou Get Starts @ $10

Raichu Snowboard Starts @ $10
(The shoes have missing parts that fell off with age)

Absol Holo Tomy Movie 6 Figure Starts @ $10

Absol Bath Salt Figure Starts @ $10

Absol Buildable Figure Starts @ $8

Absol Pearly TFG Piece Starts @ $20

Lugia Metal Figure bronze Starts @ $15
(Hesitant To sell this one ;A;)

Full Color Stadium Clear Raichu Figure Starts @10

Custom Mienshao Pokedoll made by me.
It is made of minky, measures 5 inches tall, has embroidery features and is one of a kind. 
Mienshao Pokedoll Starts @ $80 BIN $200

Super rare Playdoh Molds! It literally took me two years to find this set.
Pikachu Mold Starts @ $10
Treeko Mold Starts @ $10
Mudkip Mold Strarts @ $10
Torchic Mold Starts @ $10
Minun Mold Starts @ $10
Plusle Mold Starts @ $10
Play-doh Tools Starts @ $5
(Shroomish and Surskit are not for auction)


Emolga Big Head Banpresto Plush-$24

Be sure to look for more sales in the future, some in lots and other for direct sale. Thanks guys!

Tags: absol, collection, custom, dewott, emolga, lugia, luxray, mienshao, minun, mudkip, oshawott, pikachu, plush, plusle, raichu, samurott, shinx, torchic, weavile, whimsicott
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