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Tsutarjafan_18 SALES post

Here's my sales post I have for you, please come check it out if you're interested.

Please come check it out if you're interested ^^ Photobucket

-Granted sales permission on March 02 2012 by [info]entirelycliched
- Feedback here http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/tsutarjafan_18/
- All community rules apply
Payment/Shipping Info.

- Payment way ONLY by Paypal by USD ONLY

- Please do NOT send payment by "gift"

- Shipping will start from $2.95 seeing it takes time to pack/drive and purchase the shipping materials

- I will ONLY ship within the United States...BUT I wouldn't mind doing International for customers, as long as you're okay with paying the high shipping prices some small items can start from $5 and there's nothing I can do.

- Prices do NOT include shipping/fees (unless stated)

- I am NOT responsible for stuff lost in the mail, please purchase tracking if you're unsure.

- My shipping days is now Friday or Saturday cause I have a full schedule now also I'm shipping stuff from California

- Please respond within 24 hours if you're buying the item or not, or I will leave negative feedback if I don't get a response by then (please don't make me do this)
"Quote for "this item" does not mean that it will be on hold so please be aware
- Also please pay within the 48 hour time span or it will go to the next person who is interested in it (unless you talked to me ahead of time)

Stuff to be aware....
- I DO own 3 dogs so please be aware before purchasing if you are allergic or not (They hardly come near my plushies or items though)

- I have the right to refuse sale to anybody (negative feedback people, or people who had no great service, or banned users)

- Willing to "trade" for any Snivy items I might be missing (please show me what you have, and I'll be more than happy to trade if you have 10 positive feedbacks) Sorry not right now

Sale items here (Flats) and mostly Japanese TCGs

New items
Sylveon and Espeon MIP rubber straps
$18   $14 shipped each or take both of them for $25

Sylveon SOLD
Autumn Pkmn Center Plush MWT ($28) SOLD
Shaymin sky forme Japanese pokedoll MWT ($35) OBO
Lilligant Type Focus $15 MWT SOLD
Lapras Pokedoll 2009 vers. ($45) SOLD
Banpresto Dragonite ($25)

Sawsbuck MPCs ($5 each) take all of them for $20 shipped

or take the whole Deerling/Sawsbuck set for ($40)

*Please note summer sawsbuck does NOT have its hang tag
and Winter Sawsbuck's tag was like this when I purchased it
(see photo below)


All shown with MWT intact

Offers for 1:1 Japanese Emolga ($45) OBO
* The tag is detached and the tail is detached from the head too
preferred to be used as cuddle buddy, but was only kept for display only

*Also this one will be a bit expensive to ship cause of its size

All $5 each
Shaymin Iron-on patch

Pokemon 2012 charms
Available: Mienfoo, Chikorita, Meganium, Shaymin(normal forme)

$7 for Pokemon Stamp Rally Poster (only available from Japan's 7/11 event) (3 available)
$5.50 Stamp Ralley stickers (2 in each sheet) (4 available)
$11 $10     Chikorita Lottery/Kuji figurine (out of the box but in great condition) $8 SOLD
$8 $6 Mienfoo charm (Mienshao NOT for sale) ($5)
$5 Glow-in-the-dark Pichu MIP Iron on Patch
$2.00 each for Zekrom pouch, Jigglypuff old toy/clock (doesn't work) and McDonalds 2012 Dewott toy

Tomy Celebi plush  $14
MWT Victini Pokemon Center plush $22
MPC Zoroa plush MWT $11 $9

$4 shipped anywhere in the states
$10 each, in perfect condition will come with flatten box if you would like it
Sold: Oshawott and Zebstrika
All items in this photo are $1.00 except the two light up keychains they're $2.00

XL Men's shirt (worn once) $15 (shipped)
*The pattern was like this when I purchased it,
overall pretty new

$4.50 each this includes s/h everything included in price

Sold: Hydreigon+Golurk tissue

Poster Size is 18"x24"


Tags: eevee, pichu, poochyena, sales
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