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First Ever Sales Post

Hello Everybody, I have finally acquired sales permission, and I want to use this time to put up some of my plush for sell. 
Here's My Official Sales Banner. Major Thanks tozoruaz

Anyways, on to the rules
  • I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 3/02/12
  • Here is my feedback:
  • All Community Rules Apply:
  • Feedback will be given to you once the transaction has been cleared on both end. Meaning you received the package, and I received the payment
  • I accept payment only through Paypal, and in USD
  • Shipping Rates will be around $3-4 for people living in the United States, please note that these rates can change based upon where you live, or the size of the package
  • I will be giving tracking information for every package just to be safe
  • I am willing to ship internationally, but please be patient with me because I do not know the rates for every country. I'll make visits to my post office to get quotes, or call them.
  • I am not responsible for any lost packages, which is another reason why I am giving out tracking information
  • I have the right to refuse service based upon negative feedback etc. 
  • I ship from California
  • I live in a house with two dogs, but they don't go in my room, which is where all my plush are located.
  • As of right now I'm not accepting trades
  • The days I plan to ship is either Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. It will be shipped out within a week I receive payment. I will make an effort to get them shipped out sooner
  • I am open to haggling, but please remember that I have the right to refuse your offer
  • After you ask about the plush, you only have a 12 hour window to get it before I move on to the next person. The only exception to this rule is if there is no interest for the item you are interested to purchase
  • All Sales Are Final
The names with the price of the plush are arranged in the same order as seen in the picture. Please note that some plush have different title or numbers in parenthesis. The purpose for them is for me to be able to tell which one you want without confusion.

Small Plush: $1.50 each

Charizard and Bulbasaur Treat Keeper $2 each, Charmander Reversible $3, Everything else .50 cents each
(When ordering a jigglypuff make sure to state the type of plush it is. There are two reversible plush, two keychains, and one reversible)

Starly $3, Buneary $3, Cherrim $4, Butterfree $5, Jigglypuff $2, Taillow $5, Spinda $3

Bulbasaur $2, Squirtle $1, Chikorita $2, Deoxys (1) $3, Hasbro Pikachu $3, Cyndaquil $3, Duskull $7, Tentacool $5, Turtwig $4, Blaziken $8,
Chatot $4

Mantyke $3, Mime Jr. $3, Phione $5, Piplup $4, Manaphy $3, Mantyke $3

Bath Buddy Squirtle $5, Munchlax $10, Grotle $5, Delibird $5

Pikachu (1) $2, Pikachu (2) $2, Pikachu (3) $4 (note that there is a mark on him), Pikachu (4) $3

Aipom $3, Sudowoodo $3, Croagunk $4

Celebi $10, Shaymin (Big) $25, Victini $25

Poliwhirl $3, Treecko $2

Pikachu (4) $15, Shaymin (1) $8, Pikachu (5) $10, Shaymin (2) $8, Pikachu Tissue Holder $10

Big Zorua each $12 1-3, Zoroark $10

Turtwig $7, Darkrai $5, Shaymin (3) $8, Glameow $8, Infernape $15

Darumakka, Zorua (Small), and Sandile are 5 each. Shiny Zorua $10, Snivy

Grovyle $8, Deoxys (2) $4, Mudkip $7, Deoxys (3) $4, Kyogre $4, Rayquaza $3, Minun $5, Deoxys (4) $8

Booty Plush $2 each, except for Leafeon which is $4

Ho-Oh Pokemon Takaratomy Tomy Plush (Large) $35

Thanks For Reading My Post

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