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Graaaaaaaail getto ze~!

This post just couldn't wait a couple more days because it means so much to me... and to my collection, for that matter! Also, it's a bit photostory... ish? So click and enjoy!

So, I get a couple of packages in the mail Monday [more on those later this week with my collection update], and I open one of them to reveal this...

Huh... I wonder what this could be? So mysterious, ain't it?

I was feeling so out of it throughout the day [thank you so much, allergies... *sniffle-hack-wheeze* D8], and I was asking myself... "What did you buy? What is in here?" Well, I had been in a buying-binge for the past few weeks, and I'll admit I'd lost track of some of the items I'd bought... I know, terrible excuse!

And then at the sight of THIS, I remembered.... "Wait a minute... MAH GRAIL! That's what this is!" Insert SQUEE OF JOY here.

In case you don't know what this is, it's a zukan - the Lake Trio zukan, to be exact! This has been my grail for a few months, and I think ever since I caught my first glimpse of it... and learned that my main collection actually HAD a zukan, I knew I had to find one... somehow!

I think we can say that this was like good medicine on a day that I felt so sick and awful. I definitely felt better while I was in its presence last night!

Close-up of the bottom. It's hard to read, but the names of the Lake Trio are there! Yuxie, Emrit, and Agnome~<3 In other words, it's REAL - 100% legit! YAY!

I've never owned a zukan before, so I was completely surprised...! They really are much smaller than I thought they'd be! I guess being 1/40 scale does that, huh? XDD

LOL, Very Bitty sprites~~ I'm serious, they are so tiny, I was afraid of losing or breaking them...!

...Actually, Uxie's head feel off at one point... I freaked out in shock, but luckily it could be reassembled, so SIGH OF RELIEF! I thought it'd be broken forever!

...I probably should have added a kid or something to show exactly how small these babies are... [Should I add one?]

All the pieces - base assembled!

It didn't take too long to assemble the base and put everything into place, and I think I was feeling emotional the whole time... I know I felt tears. I'm sure that wasn't because I was watching "Dancing With The Stars" at the same time either...

TAH-DAH~ The finished piece!

Hnnnnnng~ It's so beautiful... Now I can totally understand how special these rare zukan are! I wasn't sure about the order they were supposed to go, but I had to put Mesprit on top - she's my favorite~! [I call them all female, so hope you don't mind!]

...I think I did that right anyway. It's not like they came with directions, and I figured out how it all needed to be assembled from what I had seen of it before. It seemed pretty easy though!

A better view, slightly from the top. I love the detail!

Also, quick thanks to yaoi_queen for running the auction for this! I'll be leaving feedback for you ASAP! Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me get one of my GRAILS!

And I promise - there's a BIG Collection update coming soon once my latest charm buys and other recent gets come in! Look for it... next week at the earliest? [I'll have lots of time - Spring Break!]

Thank you for reading, and thank you for opening up my eyes to these wonderful collections! You are all such an inspiration!

- Juuchan [bandanna_boy_17]
Tags: azelf, mesprit, uxie, zukan
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