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Collection weeding sales

Hiiii Everyone!

Sadly I'm back with some collection weeding sales :c It seems like my life is doing everything to keep me broke, and as it seems like my party life will go on my collection..... Actually this would be a really small yet big weeding especially for me, as i currently have a small collection with me right now, and all of them mean a lot to me.

So enough of the party thing let's head to Sales :

More under the cut :)))

~ sales permission granted 04/24/11 by [info]denkimouse 
~all community rules apply.

~ my feedback page:
~prices are in USD .
~i'm shipping from Finland, and i ship worldwide.
~i'll try to ship asap and i'll let you know when did i ship your item out. 
~i don't take responsibility for the package once i shipped it. 
~prices don't include shipping unless stated otherwise.
~i only accept paypal
~feel free to haggle.
~ no trades atm

So Figures first :

Rattata Tomy ( has a few marks) $1

Torchic Kid (has one green mark on forehead) $0,50

Lucarion Chou get $2

Seel TOMY (prefect condition) $3

Glameow Zukan ( perfect condition) $5

Bootie Shaymin Pokedoll $6 (I'm hesitant to part with Asbestos, also i can remove the purple scarf and ear scarf if you would like) Sold!

PMD stickers $0,50 each Phanpy, Riolu, Shinx, Pikachu

Cards Litwick and Sandile $0,50 for both

Raikourai :D

Tags: glameow, litwick, lucario, rattata, sales, sandile, seel, shaymin, torchic, zukan
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