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Sales + Scrunchie Auctions!

Hello all! I got sales permission recently so I have made a sales post! I hope some of this stuff can find nice homes. =D

I also am going to have auctions with these two scrunchies I have!


-I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on April 2, 2012.
-My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/miss10/
-All community rules apply.
-I ship from Florida, USA.
-I live in a smoke-free and cat-friendly house. My cat does not go near my collection and other items, however, be aware that cat hair has a mind of its own.
-I will ship worldwide, but if you are out of the US, please let me know if I have to do a specific thing, like filling out a customs form so you don't have to pay nasty customs fees.
-Make sure to state your location so I can give you a quote.
-I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages once it leaves my hands. If that concerns you, feel free to ask me about adding tracking/insurance to your order.
-Prices do not include shipping + Paypal fees.
-I recycle mailers, but they will be very secure when mailed. If you want a new mailer, please mention it in your comment.
-Feel free to haggle! Especially since this is my first sales post. But don't take it personally if I reject your offer.
-Shipping within the US starts at $1.50 in the US for flats and starts at $2.50 for non-flats.
-Shipping outside of the US will start at $2.00 for flats and starts at $3.00 for non-flats.
-I try and ship as soon as possible and will let you know when the item has shipped by replying to your comment and/or PMing you.
-Payment by Paypal only, however, I will consider other methods if you are committed to buying the item.
-I can hold your item for 48 hours, but if you are absolutely committed to purchasing the item, I can hold it for you longer.
-I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody (especially if they have negative feedback, unreliable, etc.).
-I am not accepting trades at the moment, unless it something on my wishlist: http://miss10.livejournal.com/1856.html
-And finally, DO NOT send payments as a "gift" when paying with Paypal.

Done reading for sales? Good!

Now for auctions!

I will be auctioning off two Pokemon scrunchies with tags! One is Pikachu and the other is Charizard! Both will start at $5 each. Oh, and the clear Golduck kid is there for size comparison only. =P

Please bid in increments of at least $1. NO SNIPING! If you bid within the last five minutes of the auction, the time will be extended five more minutes.

Auctions will end April 10, 2012 10:00 pm EST. ^^
Here is a countdown timer for it.

Now for direct sales! Feel free to ask for more pictures of any item! 8D

"Hello! I am Trenz the clear Golduck Kid, your guide/size reference for this sales post. Please remember I am NOT for sale and I am about 1.5-2 inches tall. Thank you."

Hasbro Laying Plusle Plush (tushtag only) - $8
Hasbro Ivysaur Plush (tushtag only) - $7

Hasbro Small Butterfree Puzzle in minty in original box (box has some slight wear and all 50 pieces are accounted for) - $5

Auldey Tomy buildable Model Mew Figure MIB (I have two of these) - $8
Auldey Tomy buildable Model Squirtle Figure MIB - $10

NOTE: The following four books will cost about $4-$5 for shipping each within the US due to their weight. International will cost more.

The Art of Pokemon Colosseum Art Book - $10
Bradygames Pokemon Colosseum Official Strategy Guide (has some wear, but all pages are intact) - $8
Or get both for $15

Pokemon Stadium Bradygames Official Battle Guide (some wear on cover but all pages intact) - $9
Pokemon Stadium 2 Official Nintendo Power Player's Guide (some wear on cover but all pages intact) - $8
Or get both for $15.

Pokemon Snap Instruction Manual - $3
Pokemon Stadium Instruction Manual - $3
Pokemon Stadium 2 Instruction Manual - $3
All are in great condition.

Pokemon Yellow Version Trainer's Guide (Instruction Manual, also has some wear)- $1
Pokemon Gold Version Trainer's Guide (Instruction Manual, great condition) - $2
Pokemon Crystal Version Trainer's Guide (Instruction Manual, great condition) - $2

Ancient Mew Card with info card MIP- $4 each

Entei Movie Promo card with info card MIP - $3 each

This is a old TCG mat I always had. First picture is the front and bottom picture is the back. It has some wear to it and I'll provide more pics of this if asked. When it will be shipped, it will be folded up. I'll accept $10 for it or best offer.

Now for cards! All are minty! =D

All cards here, except Charmander (I'm keeping him) are $1.50 each.

All cards (except the two Pikachus and Meowth) are $1.50 each.
The Kids WB Pokemon the First Movie Promo Pikachu (in the very top-right corner) - $2.50
The top middle Pikachu is not for sale.
Meowth is the Gold Border Promo card - $6 or best offer

All except Hitmonlee (who is a holo) are $1.50 each.
Holo Hitmonlee is $2.50.

All cards, except for Gyarados (who is a holo) and Electabuzz (who is a movie promo) are $1.50 each.
Holo Gyarados is $2.50
The Electabuzz promo is not for sale.

All the "Trainer" cards are $0.50 each.
The Moltres is $2.00.
The Movie Promo Mewtwo is $2.50.

All cards here are $0.50 each.

All Energy cards here are $0.50 each.
The info card with Pichu is $0.50 as well or free with purchase.

The Tauros card is actually a holographic sticker. Possibly bootleg. $1.00 or free with purchase.
The card in the top middle is a holographic movie card I believe. I forgot where I got it from. $1.00.
I think the Pokemon character cards came from a Fruit Roll-up Box back in the 90s. Each are $1.00.
Water Energy Card - $0.50

Entei Movie Promo card - $2.50
Chikorita card - $1.00
Kakuna card - $1.50
Info card with Beedrill - $0.50 or free with purchase.
Info card with Pichu - $0.50 or free with purchase.

Kyogre Promo EX Card - $11
Groudon Promo EX Card - $11
Or get both for $20

Freebies (warning, they may increase shipping). The one on the left is a folded Kraft Singles cheese box, hehe. And the item on the right a sticker.

And that's it! Happy browsing/shopping! <3

Tags: auction, butterfree, cards, charizard, mew, pikachu, sales, squirtle
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