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(Not So) Short Card Wants + Coin


I have a short card wants post. I'm looking to trade for the following cards (hopefully in English though may consider other languages). Please let me know if you have any of these in M/NM condition for trade. And, if you have a wants list that would be helpful. I only really have cards to trade (Topps or TCG). I also have a few old school tomys and a new Jakks Snivy Figure. And...I think that's about it. Just a warning, I don't have many Rarer than Holo Rare cards anymore but I'm willing to trade multiple cards to make up price differences.

Note: Images borrowed from bulbapedia. If the cards are in a Japanese or 1st edition...ignore that. Just using these for a ref for the image on the card.

Okay...not a card but still a want. I want the multi-colored one...not the pink coin.

(If you have any Houndoom/Houndour cards in other languages (even if not listed here) or in Reverse Holo...I might be interested in trading for those as well.)


To replace my non-mint one


To replace non-mint one


To replace non-mint one



Not Going to Find this one but -

And these two Legends:



And...these four I'm looking for but I have someone offering to trade me...but they keep disappearing for weeks at a time. :(

McD Promos:
Snivy, Maractus, Oshawott, Alomomola, and Klink

Edit:Just remembered, I'm also looking for any Unown H. I think that's the only letter I'm missing now. /edit

Also feel free to show me your Eeveelution cards that are available for trade. I need too many of those to list. Though, I'm only missing a handful of Eevees...maybe only one or two.

Replies might be slow 'cause I'm studying for a test I need to take tomorrow. For some random reason this post struck me so I started typing it. ^^;

If trades are finalized by Friday night, I can have them shipped on Monday morning.

~ Risha
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